Court Centres

Members of Chambers frequently appear in courts and tribunals at all levels

County Courts

At Direct Access we can cater to your needs. Our Barristers are frequently instructed to appear in courts around the country, especially in Swansea, Cardiff, Carmarthen and Newport. Our Barristers are instructed in all types of courts, whether it is in the County, Magistrates and Family Proceedings Courts or even in Employment and Public Law tribunals. Contact us to see how we can help you.
Getting to court

The court notice you receive with the hearing date will usually tell you the address of the court, however the best way to know where you need to go and how to get there is by using our court list below. When going to court you should dress appropriately and bring all documentation that you need; for example if you have instructed one of our Barristers directly, we will have told you what documents you need to bring.

What to expect when you get to court

All courts have security at the entrance, and you may be asked to go through a metal scanner. There is usually a court reception or an usher; you should speak to them to make sure that they know you are there for your case, and they may be able to tell you who else is at court for that case.

Being in court

Courtrooms can seem daunting, however you can alleviate this somewhat by following the correct court etiquette.

  • When a judge or magistrate enters or leaves the room you need to stand up
  • Do not shout or talk whilst the judge or magistrate is talking
  • Do not swear or raise your voice
  • Answer the questions the judge or magistrate asks you, rather than saying what you think they want to hear
  • Make sure your mobile phone (if you have it with you) is switched off

The process itself can seem overwhelming, which is why we at Direct Access try to guide you, advise you and represent you throughout. Knowing that you are not alone in proceedings can be a great comfort, as well as ensuring that you have the skills of a specialist Barrister at your service.


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